31 May 2012

Sts. Winnow, Mancus, and Mybrad

Today the Holy Church commemorates the saints Winnow, Mancus, & Mybrad, Irish missionaries who evangelized the peninsula of Cornwall. Churches in the area retain their names, though little else is known of these holy men who left behind the sea-raiding piracy of their forefathers to become fishers of men.

Holy Saints Winnow, Mancus, and Myrbad, pray for us sinners!

Troparion (Tone 6)
 O three holy Saints who in honour of the Trinity
left Ireland to labour in Cornwall:
having toiled on earth you are glorified in heaven,
blessed Winnow, Mancus and Myrbad!

29 May 2012


So, after a just-over-a-year hiatus for the Codex, things they are a-changing. Lots of changes for me, personally, in the last year, and lots of new ideas are brewing for things on the blog. A few of the old threads will be picked up, some rewoven, into the new tapestry.