04 June 2007

St. Kevin of Glendalough

Kontakion Tone 5
"Forsaking thy noble inheritance, and shunning all the crooked ways of this sin-loving world, thou didst apply thine obedient feet to the straight and narrow path of Christ, eagerly hastening throughout thy life toward the heavenly Sion, where with all the saints and the bodiless hosts thou criest aloud in ecstasy: Let every breath praise the Lord!"

Technically, St. Kevin is commemorated on 3 June, but since I was too busy to post yesterday, I decided I'd just do it today. St. Kevin was an Irish Celt, and a saint of the Church who lived to be 120 years old. He could communicate with birds and beasts, and he worked many, many miracles in his life.

The title of the post is a link to the OrthodoxWiki article on him. You never know, you may be enlightened or edified by it.

Pax vobiscum.


Karenee said...

*chuckles* Ok, "he pushed a girl off a cliff because she wanted to marry him" ranks high in my list of things I've got to put in a story now.

Yes, that's what stood out to me, but I stopped there and will read the rest later when the kids aren't in the car waiting for me.

Justinian said...

And now you understand why I commemorate him! ;)


Which is not accurate at all. He was certainly and very holy man, and, of course, a Celt. And, I tend to think he was a Culdee and a Hesychast, but that's just me...