06 December 2007

This is probably very wrong....

... and behavior not befitting a Christian, but I'd really like to celebrate St. Nicholas' feast day by punching an Arian in the face. :)


On the other hand, I'm glad that's a tradition that didn't catch on.

Enjoy the Feast Day everyone!


Brigitte said...

lol. In our church in RU this scene is actually portrayed in an icon. :)

Through the prayers of St Nicholas may we be saved!

Congratulations! (speaking of, sorta, which jurisdiction is your parish under?)

Justinian said...

St. Gregory's is OCA. The jurisdictional nightmare is one of the things about Orthodoxy that initially bugged me, but then I realized that the Church is more than just North America, and really, it's only a tiny issue for the whole of Orthodoxy.

May St. Nicholas' intercessions bring deeper into the fullness!

Don said...

Holy St. Nicholas, please pray for us.

He is the patron saint of our parish St .Nicholas Greek Orthdox Church so, naturally, I love the story of St. Nicholas.

I enjoy your sense of humor, so am adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up with your blog. My site's more on parenting, but I'm parenting based on what I know as an Orthodox Christian. Staying true to an ancient faith while raising a modern teenager makes for some interesting days.

I'm really enjoying you blog.

Justinian said...

Thanks for the king words, Don! I'm really trying to make more of an effort to keep up with the blog (I kind of let it go for a bit in September and October), so I hope you'll stop by regularly. God (and St. Nicholas!) help you with your struggles; I'm not a parent myself, but I know a few, and I see how hard it just keeps getting with the way the world is going.

Thanks for reading, and comment whenever--I generally respond.

+God bless,

Justinian said...

Thanks for the kind words, also. Gosh, I wish spell check could read my intent.