31 January 2008

On Vainglory

Like the sun which shines on all alike, vainglory beams on every occupation. What I mean is this. I fast, and turn vainglorious. I stop fasting so that I will draw no attention to myself, and I become vainglorious over my prudence. I dress well or badly, and am vainglorious in either case. I talk or I hold my peace, and each time I am defeated. No matter how I shed this prickly thing, a spike remains to stand up against me.” - St. John Climacus


Brigitte said...

can't get this out of my head since I read it. thanks, i guess :)

Justinian said...

The greatest temptation is to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. I wonder, if such a great temptation can beset a saint like St. John Climacus, how I have any chance at all?

Hopefully, the Lord will see the deed and forgive me for the bad intent.

Don said...

I think as long as we strive to do the right thing for what we think are the RIGHT reasons, that's the best we can do.

I turn this around and think of St. Nicholas doing what was viewed as a "bad" and aggressive deed for the "right" reasons.