11 March 2008

Desert Calling

Title links to the Desert Calling Blog site.

I've recently been invited to join the team writing for the Desert Calling blog. I must say, I was quite humbled by the opportunity. The effort is being spearheaded by Isaak, from the Dust and Ashes blog, who has also been the mastermind behind the Desert Calling web community.

So, in addition to my usual teaspoon depth here on the Codex, I will now be posting the occasional thought at Desert Calling as well. I do promise not to duplicate post--that would be cheating, and I don't like cheaters. Desert Calling has its own sort of voice, audience, and direction; the Codex is more intensely about my struggle, and my posts on Desert Calling should begin to reflect concerns about the larger (and sometimes, seemingly more abstract) issues concerning Orthodoxy and the post-cultural future.

+Blessed be the Name of the Lord, henceforth and forever more!


Karenee said...

"AHA!" she says, with a smug grin. "I knew it would happen.... In fact, there was this prediction--which, of course, you've forgotten..."

I am glad, glad, glad you are using your abilities and your mind in this way. Hurrah!

Justinian said...

Thanks Karen--my one, ever-faithful fan! I appreciate the warm wishes. Now, I just hope I can post things worthy of people actually reading. That's a big responsibility.

Don said...


The three of you have produced some of my favorite reads. I look forward to seeing your work at Desert Calling's Blog.

You have a clear and distinct voice on the internet. It's always a pleasure to read your words.