18 January 2010

Fr. Seraphim of Platina on "Modern Life"

from Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future:
The life of self-centeredness and self-satisfaction lived by most of today's "Christians" is so all-pervading that it effectively seals them off from any understanding at all of spiritual life, and when such people do undertake "spiritual life," it is only as another form of self-satisfaction. [...] But this is not the Christian ideal at all, which if anything may be summed up as a fierce battle and struggle. The "contentment" and "peace" described in these contemporary "spiritual" movements are quite manifestly the product of spiritual deception, of spiritual self-satisfaction--which is the absolute death of God-oriented spiritual life. [...] Christian spirituality is formed in the arduous struggle to acquire the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, which fully begins only with the dissolution of this temporal world, and the true Christian struggler never finds repose even in the foretastes of eternal blessedness which might be vouchsafed to him in this life; but the Eastern religions, to which the Kingdom of Heaven has not been revealed, strive only to acquire psychic states which begin and end in this life.


Aaron Taylor said...

Outstanding excerpt!

Justinian said...

Thanks! It's always good to revisit Fr. Seraphim from time to time, when one has been immersed too much in the world around us.

Anonymous said...

I need to read this every day! Fr. Seraphim says so much with so few words. I am copying and pasting this one for my files. Thanks for posting!