22 October 2007

Philogia Justiniani: Podcast - The Christ Haunted South

Title links over to Dr. Clark Carlton's podcast, Faith and Philosophy, at AFR.

I've been an admirer of Dr. Carlton for some time; his views on Orthodox life and culture in the American South are almost lock-step with my own. Give his recent podcast "The Christ Haunted South" a listen--you'll probably find a lot that is of value there.


Brigitte said...

I haven't listened to that one yet, but I did just listen to The Blame Game which I really appreciated. He's hilarious about Oprah, America's modern philosopher :)

Justinian said...

Yes, I particularly enjoyed that comment by Dr. Carlton. :)

He's very insightful, and I find many of his reflections on being both Orthodox and "Southern" (a cultural identity just as strong as being Russian, Greek, Romanian, etc) fascinating.

BTW, hopefully I'll have a new post up soon. I've got a couple of things I've been kicking around, and then, I've been sidetracked by the necessities of living in the world, but soon, very soon, expect a new post of my usual mediocre quality. :)

God Bless!

Brigitte said...

looking forward to it. I just kicked one out (blog post, that is) and mediocre is definitely the word. But interesting for me so I guess that suffices.