14 November 2007

It's My Nameday!

Oh holy and right-believing Justinian
Blessed was your reign by almighty God;
By your tireless labours
Radiant churches were established;
Driven by a desire for unity
You attempted great feats of reconciliation.
Therefore we laud your accomplishments
And ask you to pray to Christ our God
That he will save our souls.


Karenee said...

Happy Nameday? I need a tutorial on how to respond to this obviously pleasant news. *grin*

Eric John said...

Happy Name Day Justinian!
Now you can see MY real blog, which is in hibernation at the moment.
--Reader John from OC

Brigitte said...

God grant you many, many years! Congratulations.

Justinian said...

Thanks to all of your for your well-wishes! God be with you!

Anonymous said...


You wrote,
‘That’s so radically different, I think, than anything I knew before. This is what I tell people: Orthodoxy is not just some denomination; because I no longer think about God, I know God. I no longer think ‘Thank you, God, for such-and-such thing happening to me.

Can you explain that a little, more about the difference between before and after?

Thank you!


Brigitte said...

Hello fellow INTP. Sounds like it's time for another post--I bet you'd do a fine job answering CB's question.

Anonymous said...
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