03 March 2010

Some Housekeeping Issues

If you look immediately to your right, you'll see that there has been a change in the blogroll format here on the Codex. The reason for this is that, while in the beginning, I intended the Codex to be exclusively focused on the Orthodox spiritual life, lives of the saints, the occasional musing from this sinner on various lessons learned, and so on--it occurs to me that such a one-dimensional presentation, while perhaps beneficial for the sake of some clarity, does little to show the interaction with the post-modern world that is the stated purpose of the blog. So, to facilitate a somewhat more nuanced picture of our engagement with the culture at large--and with failings and brokenness beyond the borders of yours truly's spiritual life--I have decided to include some links to other blogs and sources of information. I want to emphasize that these are links to people and places with which I have some personal engagement; long time visitors to the Codex will know that I have always had a few "non-Orthodox" links in the blog roll. By separating them out, I am not, in any way, trying to denigrate the experiences or lessen the impact of what these people have to say, simply on the basis of their not belonging to our tradition. I do not, universally, agree with everything that they produce on their sites; my inclusion here is not an endorsement, but an engagement. There are things that we all agree on. There are things we disagree on. We move forward by discussion and cooperation.

So, in doing this re-arranging of the blogroll list, my hope is that it will provide more clarity, and promote your engagement with the world around us as well. We need not be insular in order to survive. We are called to be in the world, but not of it--but that doesn't mean we can't examine it, discuss it, understand it, with the hope of changing it through God's grace. If you find anything of value on the linked sites, please let these fine people know that you enjoy their posts. If you disagree, and can discuss your disagreements in an honest and civil fashion, I'm sure that none of them would object to robust discussion.

God be with all of you!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your honesty and transparency, Justinian. I think what you are doing is good.

Justinian said...

Thanks Todd. I hope you will check out some of the "other" links. There are some interesting things there.