29 March 2010

He said it better than I could

The servant of God, the Subdeacon Steve, has written a wonderful piece of reflection on the spiritual journey and the feeling of true humility that says "Lord, I know I am not worthy nor sufficiently pleasing that Thou shouldst come under the roof of the house of my soul..." It is well worth a read. Title links, but you can also click here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip. A very profitable reflection.

Justinian said...

Indeed, I usually write something about 'another year Orthodox, and...' around Holy Week, but Sbdcn Steve said it all, with the eloquence that only comes from the kind of true humility that doesn't think that it is humility at all. God bless him, and you, and us all as we go on through this week, and come to the Feast of Feasts.