12 April 2010

The Paschal Falloff

Looking over the blog's history for the past few years, I can definitely tell, I lose all interest in posting anything after Pascha for quite a while. Oh, sure, here and there I might find something exceptional or especially interesting and decide to share it. But it just seems that in the post-Paschal exhaustion, I just want to sit and bathe in the warm glow from the risen savior and sing "Christ is Risen from the Dead/Trampling down Death by death/And upon those in the tombs bestowing Life."

And I'm not sure that's a bad thing. Heck, even the Gospel and Epistle readings in Paschal-tide are shorter than normal.


amy said...

Christ is Risen!

I've discovered your blog via reading @ A Desert Seeker.. you are such an encouraging person. You words bless more people than you know.

..when I saw that St. Justinian is your patron, thought you might enjoy this that I posted about Byzantium last night:


God Bless -

Justinian said...

Indeed, He is Risen!

Thank you very much for the compliment amy (although after checking our your blog, would you rather I call you Brigit?)! I confess there have been times when I've thought about giving up this blog thing altogether, but every time I do, someone says something like this and then I think "I can't stop."

I found your post very interesting, and I'm definitely going to look up the The Lost Empire to watch. I see also that you are a fan of the Celts, whom I also love dearly. In addition to the Sainted Emperor Justinian, I also regard St. Justinian of Ramsey Island--a Welsh saint of the 5th/6th century--as a patron as well.

Thank you again for the kind words. God bless you!