28 April 2010

The Unofficial Guide to Being an Orthodox Convert

Title is a link to Subdeadon Steve's new book, Orthographs: An Un-orthodox Primer on the Spiritual Life for Converts. Here's what he had to say about it at his blog, Pithless Thoughts:

I just finished the first edition of "Orthographs". It is 100 of the best of the Orthographs, Curmudgeophan, Ortho-mags and miscellaneous cartoons (so far).

Thanks to all of the followers, lurkers and commenters who have fed my vaingloriousness and idiocy for these past few months. As Curmudgeophan said in his review, "If he was really humble he'd-a waited until he was dead and let one of his psychophants publish it for him." As usual, of course, he's right.

To purchase your very own or baptism/chrismation, name day, catechism and parish tract rack gift copies of "Orthographs - An Un-orthodox Primer on the Spiritual Life for Converts" click HERE.

If you haven't been following the progress of Steve's Orthographs as they've been published on his blog, I highly recommend checking these out--and hey, your parish bookstore could use several copies of this. You can give them to new converts along with those OCA rainbow books.

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