04 August 2010

Couple of Business Items

To all those who were members of Desert Calling or followers of the DC blog, I posted an apology and explanation of a few things today, as well as a the first post of the new (or old) direction of that blog, reflecting on the Desert Fathers.


Steve Robinson said...

Yes, those kinds of "come to Jesus meetings" are hard. I don't think a new convert can escape having one of those sooner or later... it took me a while to have mine, sooner would have been better. We can only pray that God will bless and diminish the damages of our zealous ignorances and narcissistic but good intentions.

Justinian said...

Preening narcissism peppered with good intentions...that's exactly what it was. God help me, sometimes I think I've learned absolutely nothing. Your hard-won wisdom, S-P, means more to me than the words of all the academic theologians in the world. Thanks.