22 February 2011

Elaeth's Englynion

I picked up my copy of Celtic Spirituality and ran across this little gem from the ancient Orthodox Celts of Wales. May it be a blessing to you.
Since my clothes are as battered as my spirits,
On account of sin, I confess it,
May God not punish me twice.

May God not punish a man twice
In his wrath and sadness,
Those cursed by heaven are cursed on earth.

Let the man of earth and sin pray to God,
And keep vigil in the dark,
Let him who offends Christ not slumber.

Let the son of man not slumber for the Son of God's Passion,
Let him be awake at matins,
Then he will win heaven and forgiveness.

He will gain forgiveness who remembers God,
And does not neglect him,
And heaven too on the night he dies.

If he dies unreconciled to God,
Then for the sin he may have done,
It was unfortunate that he was born.

The wicked man does not practice prayer to God,
Against the day of tribulation,
The foolish man does not ponder his end.
"God, grant me always to remember Thy love and Thy mercy in prayer, and that I not be unmindful of the end appointed unto me. Have mercy on this foolish and wicked man, O Lord, lest I forget that the Bridegroom comes in the middle of the night; blessed is the servant whom He finds watching, but again unworthy is the servant whom He heedless. Remind me ever of Thee, and keep in Thy ways, O Lord. Through the prayers of Thy holy and God-pleasing martyrs, Thy pure and blameless mother, and of all the saints, have mercy and forgive me. Amen."

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Glynn said...

It is a gem. A beautiful little gem.